Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg

Book Review on Lean In 

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg on Women, Work and the Will to Lead.

Lean In


I have extracted the key points here. 

1. Sit at the table

– literally
– don’t sit away from the board room table. be at the table. 

2. Advocate on your own behalf. Point out your contributions and be recognized and rewarded for them. 

3. Set a concurrent 18 months and long term goal

– what are you gonna achieve in the next 18 months 
– personal goals for learning new skills

4. When it comes to career choice – choose one where there is potential for growth

5. Look for stretch assignments and take on high visibility projects

6. Apply for a job even if you meet 60% of the requirements

– most skills are learnt on the job

7. Don’t leave before you leave. Don’t let pregnancy and children hold you back. 

8. Make your partner a real partner

– get your partner to share in the housework load

9. Know that you can’t do it all. 
– Be open and make requests from your partner and boss


There are opponents against this “lean in” notion, notably the most outspoken one, Michelle Obama. She has infamously mentioned “that s*** doesn’t work all the time” as Sandberg has failed to consider the bias against women of colour. Also, Sandberg suggested that it is up to women to fix their own problem and none from the institutions and society’s.

Nonetheless, it is a good read as it shows that we women can empower ourselves and be the change rather than wait for society to change for us. What we can do now is to build a more equal society for the future generations.

Side Note:

Lean In is also a global community dedicated to helping women achieve their ambitions. There are various lean-in circles for you to join at a local level. It is one of the methods which I wrote in my previous article on How to Retrench Proof Yourself.