Alternative to setting up Alpha Vantage API

For those (like myself) who is still facing some ‘technical difficulties’ setting up the Alpha Vantage API, I have ‘discovered’ an alternative method which is more straightforward. Another reason has to be so far the tool is working fine, I have not encountered any “0” values for those API calls. This post is in reference to my previous post on Open Source API for Investment Tracking

Credits to LelandGrunt for his Excel Add- in tool found on GitHub

Below are the steps taken from LelandGrunt’s post. 

1. Get the Alpha Vantage API ready

2. Add the Excel Add- in 

 – download the AVQ.xlam macro enabled add- in file from the release link at
 – the AVQ tab should appear on your Excel Ribbon
 – if not, go to File – Excel Options – Add- ins – Add the AVQ add- in

3. Set the API key in the AVQ tab

Alpha Vantage API GitHub Leland Grunt Personal Portfolio PP Blogger

4. Try out API calls examples


=AVQD(“AAPL”, “close”)

=AVQD(“AAPL”, “low”,-2)

Supported item values are OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE, VOLUME

Hope this helps for the rest of you out there! 

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