Best Free Mobile Apps for Investment Research

Being based in Asia, having a full time job and not being able to access to my spreadsheets at work means having mobile apps that provides not only numbers, but also relevant news in the market so that I can access news on the go and be prepared when the trading session opens at night in Asia (morning in EST).

Here are a few of the mobile apps that I have tried. I acknowledge that the mobile apps have a desktop version which provides more offerings at a glance. However, for this article I am only going to review the mobile version. Feel free to leave your comments if you agree or think otherwise or if there are better mobile applications out there. 

Best Free Mobile Apps for Financial Market Data

1. (iOS and Android)

According to their website, is a global financial portal and internet brand owned by Fusion Media Limited. Started in 2007, the brand now has 28 editions in 21 languages to cater to their huge audience base.

The Good

(i)  Economic Calendar and Earnings Calendar

 – provides a list of upcoming events such as the release of economic data for various countries and political news; release schedule of the companies financial reporting data

(ii) Analysis and Opinion
 – if you like to read on the contributors’ opinion on recent movements and their views on upcoming events, this page is worth a read

(iii) Webinars – for beginners like myself, having a webinar where I can access on the road is useful add on

(iv) Fed Rate Monitor
 – I appreciate this function in the app. It really saves my time from checking the Federal Reserve site for the latest update.

(v) Portfolio
– not a function that I use but worth mentioning. The app allows the user to input the buy in price/ position/ commission, at which it calculates the PnL. Personally, I prefer to do the tracking on a spreadsheet.

The Not so Good
 – Nil… maybe the pop up ads which can be distracting but I am using the free version. No right to complain. 

2. MarketWatch (iOS and Android)


MarketWatch is a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Co. 

The Good

(i) Virtual Stock Exchange
 – A free stock market game for those who wants to get a feel of how trading the markets is like before getting their feet wet in the game. However, I do not think this feature is a unique selling point as there are other platforms that offer similar features as well

(ii) Breakdown of News Category for Easy Navigation

The Not so Good

(i) Market Data Feature
 – the feature features the main indices, leaders and laggards. Insufficient information provided for the users. In order to see an individual ticker, users have to search specifically for it which might be a challenge for those who are not too familiar or undecided what stocks they want to look at. Having said that, understand that this is a mobile app which explains the simple user interface.

(ii) Incomplete set of Market Data provided
 – at the time of writing, the data set that were available are U.S, Europe, Asia, FX, Rates and Futures. Most notably, commodities, cryptocurrencies and bonds are missing.

3. Stock Quote (Android App)

Stock Quote

App developed by Bishinew Team. They have other finance apps on the Google Play store as well, such as the Financial Calculator, Expense Manager and EzCalculator  at this time writing. 

The Good

(i) Economic Calendar, Earnings Calendar, Economic Indicators, Interest Rates
 – this feature is similar to what is offering. Provides an amalgamation of the market data which is useful for a reader to assess them on the go.

(ii) Research Tools (aka Stock Screener and Calculator)
 – Again, I do not use this function personally but it is worth mentioning. For someone who would like to perform quick calculations. 

The Not so Good

(i) No consolidation of News available on the App 
 – have to click into individual stock and read the news from there

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