Summary of Good to Great by Jim Collins

Why some Companies make the Leap… and others don’t

1. Level 5 Leadership

– builds enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will

2. First who, then what 

– getting the right people on the bus and figuring out where to drive it

3. Confront the brutal facts

 – if you have the right people they will be motivated. The key is not to demotivate them.

4. Hedgehog concept 

– simplify a complex world into a single organizing idea that unifies and guides everything

5. Culture of Discipline

6. Technology accelerator 

– avoid technology fads

– uses technology to improve some aspects of their business

**Side Note: 

One may think, how does this reading benefit me? I am not a management level employee, nor am I keen in starting a company. I think reading Jim Collins’ book reinforces the point that when selecting a stock to invest in, one have to look into their people as well. We must not purely look at the figures as many of us will know that they can be presented to paint a brighter picture. Ultimately, it is the culture that guides the people who will run the company, which drives the performance. 

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