How to Change your WordPress Domain Address?

How to change your wordpress domain from “yoursite.wordpress.com” to “yoursite.com

I encountered this problem when I was setting up my newly purchased domain. I want my WordPress site to point to https://everydayinvestinginyou.com instead of https://everydayinvestinginyou.wordpress.com. Reason being I own this domain and I do not see why “wordpress” should be part of my web address so I set about to find out how to change my WordPress domain address.

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Sadly, I was unable to troubleshoot this on my own – I kept getting stuck at the DNS portion and was wasting too much time troubleshooting on my own. The other websites that I visited did not provide what I was looking for. Thankfully, I found this article by Jonathan Maimon who encountered the same problem as I had.



Here are the steps I took to re-map my domain from “wordpress.com” to “.com”

  1. Select the site with “.com” as your Primary Domain. In this case, I set mine as everydayinvestinginyou.com”

Log into WordPress account –> Manage –> Domains

Select”.com” option as your primary domain

How to change your wordpress domain address?

2. Go to your Host to map your WordPress domain. In my case, I am using Siteground, so will be using that for this example. However, the steps should be the same for the other hosts.

Log into SiteGround –> My Account –> Go to cPanel

Under Domains, look for Advanced DNS Zone Editor

How to change your wordpress domain address?

Go to Add a Record and key in your WordPress IP address.

Delete those old records that were already present.

Name: (you can put your website address)

TTL (time to live): 0

Type: A

Address: (your IP address)

3. How to Locate Your WordPress IP Address?

Go to

https://www.site24x7.com/find-ip-address-of-web-site.html to locate your IP address.

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4. Refresh your WordPress Site and you should be able to see your domain pointing to “.com”.

Clear your cache if it does not work at first.

Do you have an alternative that works as well? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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