How to Make Money with WordPress Affiliate Program

What is the WordPress.com Affiliate Program about?

Refer.WordPress.com is an Affiliate Program where applicants can promote WordPress.com and Jetpack to their clients and earn referral rewards for their loyalty.

Automattic Inc is a web development company that owns a myriad of open source projects such as WordPress.com, VaultPress, Akismet, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. 

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Who Qualifies for this Program?

Anyone who has a WordPress account. However, Automattic Inc. reserves the right to reject your application for any reason.

How to Sign up for the WordPress.com Affiliate Program?

Complete the sign up with WordPress.com Affiliate Program online form. Once the application is approved, applicants will receive an email with a link to their WordPress.com Affiliate Program Dashboard.

How to sign up with WordPress Affiliate Program
WordPress.com Affiliate Program Dashboard

How Much Can You Earn from WordPress.com Affiliate Program?

According to WordPress.com Payout Terms, applicants will earn 20% of first year sales for each client, with unlimited payouts across clients who signed up via the referral link. The  minimum payout is a minimum threshold of USD $100.

To continue to be eligible for participation in the Program, users must generate at least USD $100 annually in Marketing Fees.

The payments will be made via Paypal. 


What Are The Types of WordPress.com Plans for Clients to Choose from?

WordPress.com Free

Limited functionality and free themes to work with. Great option for those who are starting out and are not sure if they want to continue to blog. 

WordPress.com Personal

Free domain for one year plus the ability to customize your website. Affordable option at USD $5 per month. 

WordPress.com Premium

The middle of the road option at USD $11 per month. Unlimited wordpress themes to choose from together with marketing and monetization tools options such as Simple Payments and Google Analytics Integration.

WordPress.com Business

At USD $35 per month, the Business plan gives the user the ability to receive personalised assistance from WordPress support, install plug-ins and upload your own themes. Also, the ability to remove WordPress.com branding on your website. Suitable for businesses that do not want to have any association with the WordPress or Automattic Inc branding on their website. 

WordPress.com eCommerce

Costing USD $63 monthly, the eCommerce plan provides the availability of e-commerce features that accept payments in more than 60 countries and e-commerce marketing tools. This plan is targeted at online stores that requires advanced eCommerce features to run their online stores. 


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