How to Monitor Upcoming IPO’s for Free

With the recent pricing of popular Initial Public Offerings (IPO) such as Uber, Lyft and Pinterest, it got me curious on how can I source information for upcoming Initial Public Offerings (IPO) before I even read it on the official news website. Usually such information would be kept under wraps till the details are confirmed and by then, it would be disadvantageous to make a decision as it has become public information.

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Most of the time, getting your hands on a hotly contested IPO and selling them on the exchange can be a good way of earning the price difference on the first few days of the equity going public. However, do note that this is not always the case! There are some counters that dropped right after they start trading on the exchange.

I am using Interactive Brokers as my brokerage account. You can read How to Purchase Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on Interactive Brokers platform on the other post that I have written.

It can be cumbersome to do research on the internet for the individual Initial Public Offerings (IPO) listings.

The Initial Public Offerings (IPO) alerts that I come across usually charges a premium for the information which means my cost of transaction cost would have increased.

Sites such as NASDAQ provides public information on Upcoming Initial Public Offerings (IPO) but the inconvenience is that you have to create an account with them and the information available is pertaining to the USA market.

The Solution – Free + Easy to Implement

Google Alerts

Setting up Google Alerts is simple and it is able to track any mention of the key word being mentioned. Be it market rumours or confirmed news.

Go to Google Alerts and set up your personalised alert.

How to set up Google Alert
Screenshot of Google Alert

Input the key words and complete the filters provided, such as the frequency of updates, sources, language and region.

Google will send you articles and sites that have mentions of the key words and you will be able to read the news.

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