How to Read Books for Free

These days time starved professionals do not have much time to read books, much less pay a visit to their nearest library to borrow books. Gone are the days where people visit the library as a past-time. With the advent of technology gadgets and entertainment (read: distractions), the amount of time spent reading has dropped. 

According to a study done by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the average time an adult spent reading is 25 minutes/ day in comparison to spending 200 minutes/day watching the telly. Various articles have been written about why you should spend time to read, such as allowing one to be more creative and open-minded and being successful in life. 

Reading should not be an expensive and inconvenient habit. In fact, it is free and easily accessible as long as you have access to a mobile device. 

How to Borrow National Library Board‘s eBooks using the OverDrive App for FREE

1. Install the OverDrive App onto your Mobile Device


2. Sign up for an Account

3. Select “National Library Board, Singapore” 

4. Click Borrow. 
    Selection of either eBook or Audio Book


 5. Download eBook onto your Bookshelf 

6. Read away. 
    Each user can borrow up to 16 eBooks at any one time with a maximum loan period of 21 days. 

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