How to Start Your New Job Right

Congrats now that you have landed your dream job. For those who are nervous about starting your new job, I am dropping my checklist over here to make sure you readers start off on the right foot! 

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checklist for starting a new job

1. Get ready to introduce yourself a lot

– be familiar of the managers’ name, HR names, what you will be doing with the team

2. Smile

– be friendly and approachable 

3. Memorise names

– if unable to, look up the Address book/ Company Portal to put the face to their names

4. Body Language

– eye contact
– firm handshake
– sitting upright

5. Be proactive

Show enthusiasm and be proactive. Don’t sit around and do nothing. If you are done with your assignment, check in with your manager if there is anything she needs assistance with. 

6. Don’t overshare

Okay to share general information. Use your discretion. Share only what you are comfortable with. Don’t share info that can be used against you, and since you do not know them well, it is wise to not overshare on your first few days at work. 

7. Arrive early and be prepared to stay late

Arrive early to see the arrival behaviour of your colleagues. Even if they arrive late, you still have to be early. They have already proven that they are capable and able to complete their tasks faster than you. 

8. Get the facts

– read the Welcome Pack from HR
– it includes information such as Employee Benefits, Disability Policy, Life Insurance and Company Dress Code. Make sure you are familiar with them. 

9. Gauge expectations from your new manager

– set a 121 to discuss expectations with your manager

10. Keep in touch with your ex- colleagues

Keep in touch with your colleagues and keep them in your network. Use your discretion to see who to keep and who not to. After-all, who knows you might need their help someday.

11. Update your LinkedIn details 

– this is linked to the point 10. do update your profile so that they stay updated on your career choice and LinkedIn is a place where recruiters source their potential candidates. An updated profile will allow them to judge if you are suitable for the role they have to offer. 

checklist for starting a new job

Above all, be yourself. I am sure they hired you because they like your personality and feel that you will be a good addition to their team. Whilst having the right skills matter, having the right attitude is more important. 

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