How to Use Social Media to Promote your Business

How to Use Social Media to Promote your Business

One of the most popular online activities these days is social media usage. According to emarketer, a market and consumer data company, an estimated 3.23 billion people or 80.7% of internet users will use a social network at least once a month in 2020. The most popular social media networks include Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. China and India continue to be the leading populations with the highest social media usage. 

The companies are aware of this trend as well, hence using social media campaigns to promote their products and services. With countless brands chasing after consumers’ limited attention span, how will brands stand out? Granted, there are countless ways to get your products in the face of a potential customer. What are the ways that a brand can reach out to their potential customers?

1. Collaborations

Collaborating with other brands or teaming up with celebrities can be a win win situation when the audience base from both brands are being tapped into. One can come up with a complimentary product or service that benefits both brands or personalities. Sometimes, the brands that you collaborate with do not even have to be complimentary. However, the most common collaborations you see are between celebrities for clothing and apparel items.

2. Incentivize user behaviour with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing works by giving the person who made the referral sale a cut of the sale, therefore incentivizing them. Affiliate marketing is getting more common as a way to promote a product or services these days. By giving the promoter an incentive or commission cut for the sales, it motivates them to do a good job of promoting their goods. 

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How to Use Social Media to Promote your Business

3. Feature your customers 

When brands feature testimonials from the customers, potential customers might be influenced to make a purchase because they can relate to the those who wrote those testimonials on social media. Social proof is a very strong persuasion technique. Since most of us are visual creatures, it helps to put a face to the name for added credibility. 

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4. Build hype on social media before launch

Building hype around a soon to be launched campaign can be an effective way to promote the product. Humans are curious, inquisitive creatures who are willing to go to lengths to dig out information. By building mystery around a product, it will generate even more buzz around the mysterious product. 


As you can see here, these social media campaign ideas does not have to apply to a company. One can also apply these techniques to your personal blog as well to generate click throughs, leads and page views. 

What do you think of these social media campaign ideas? Do let me know in the comments!

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