How to Write Cold Emails Effectively

This post is a follow up from Alex Banayan’s book The Third Door. Though his book focuses on finding your drive and motivation to achieve your goals, he also shares tips on writing effective cold emails. Alex Banayan has made mistakes when cold emailing potential interviewees to ask for tips on how to be successful. He has gained useful tips along the way from Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Work Week when he was finally granted an interview by him.

This article is an adaptation from what Alex Banayan has shared in his book The Third Door on writing effective cold emails; extracted for the convenience for you readers. The tips can be applied from writing cold emails to prospective employers, for gaining an internships to getting sales.

READ: The Third Door by Alex Banayan

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1. In your introduction

Instead of giving a boring introduction saying that you graduated from so and so university, majoring in so and so subject. Try to borrow some credibility by stating that you volunteered with (some well known organisation) that will bring their attention to you and your email. 

Another way can be via writing for or be featured in well known publications such as Medium where you can easily sign up for an account and publish your articles. Also, you can do an interview or Q&A with someone and publishing the answers online.

2. Be specific

Give a brief and direct sentence of what you are looking for out of this exchange. 

Don’t be vague. It will seem like you don’t know what you want and will come across as wasting the person’s time. 


“I would like to discuss (topic). Would you be willing to discuss it? I think a phone call might be faster, but if you prefer, I could throw a couple of questions via email.”

3. Emails should be short and concise

Don’t waste the person’s time. Especially when they do not you at all. All the more they don’t have a moral obligation to help you out. 

4. Don’t make presumptions when you don’t know the person

Don’t write “this is perfect for you” or “you will love this”.

This is off- putting because you don’t know the person well to understand what he or she is thinking. 

5. Be modest when signing off

Instead of saying “thanks in advance”, use “I totally understand if you are too busy to respond, but even a one or two line reply would really make my day.”.

6. Don’t keep sending emails when the person does not reply

Know when to back off or you will come across as annoying.

How to Write Cold Emails Effectively

Sample of a Cold Email to Someone

Dear XXX,

Opening: I know you are really busy and that you get a lot of emails, so this will only take 60 seconds to read. 

Paragraph 2: Introduce yourself using borrowed credibility technique.

Paragraph 3: Ask specific questions.

Ending: I totally understand if you are too busy to respond, but even a one or two line reply would really make my day. 


(your name)

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