Insights on OCBC Securities – A Practical Guide to Precise Entry and Exit

Recently I attended a free Seminar organised by OCBC Securities on a Practical Guide to Entry and Exit. The speaker that shared his thoughts with us was a trader who has more than 20 years of trading experience, Wong Kon How. I have shared below on the insights gleaned from his seminar with us. Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments section! 

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid article. The opinions expressed are writer’s own and does not intend to discredit anyone’s else. The inspiration for this article was taken from the speaker.

Investors can be Classified into 4 Quadrants

(i) Short Term Investor

– 2 days to 3 months 
– Derivatives and consider Stocks

(ii) Short Term Trader

– Intra-day 
– Derivatives e.g CFD

(iii) Long Term Investor

– 3 years or more 
– Stocks and Property

(iv) Long Term Trader 

– 3 months to 3 years 
– Stocks and can consider Derivatives

We can strive to achieve all 4 quadrants. An individual does not necessarily have to fit into only 1 quadrant. 

Relationship between Indices and Individual Stock
– Brent Crude Index and Keppel Corp

Insider Trading 
– price will surge or fall abit (before public news) before making a larger move (after news announcement)

Reversal to Bull
– Born on pessimism. Grow on skepticism. Mature on optimism. Die of Euphoria.

Reversal to Bear 
– Start with Greed. Followed by Confusion. Sold on Fear. End with Hopelessness.

Exit – How to take Profit

– Manage your profit – take the “body of a fish” (along the way) because if we don’t know exactly how high or low the stock will go

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