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This page is a collection of books which are worth recommending to my readers. 
Book summaries for these books are available as separate blog posts for easy reference. 

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1. Never Split the Difference by Christopher Voss

A former international hostage negotiator brings his knowledge from the field to the boardroom on how to negotiate. As we are all humans, the knowledge he shares are applicable to our daily lives. The true winner of the negotiation is when the other party willingly gives in to your offer and Chris Voss will show you how.

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2. Good to Great by Jim Collins

Management book showcasing why some companies are able to scale to large organisations while some fail to do so. Although this book is targeted towards management level employees, you will find this book useful as it enables you to make a better decision when deciding which companies or stock to invest in. Jim Collins will show you which companies make the leap and those that do not. 

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3. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg, who is the Chief Operating Officer for Facebook shares with us on the topic of female empowerment, telling her readers to not discount and cut themselves short when promoting themselves. This book really speaks to me as I was guilty of many of the points that the author had brought up. However, this book has received public backlash because the content is not applicable to all women globally. Nonetheless, this is a good read for female empowerment. 

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4. One Up Wallstreet by Peter Lynch

An investment book which is easy to read, easy to digest by Peter Lynch, one of the most successful and well known investors of all time. Peter Lynch was a former  manager at the brokerage firm, Fidelity where he was known for averaging 29.2% annual return for the mutual fund that he managed which is higher than the returns from the S&P market index.
In this book, Peter Lynch shares his words of wisdom on navigating the financial markets. 

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5. Beating the Street by Peter Lynch

A follow up from his book, One Up Wallstreet, Peter Lynch once again shows readers how he decides which companies or stocks to invest in. I recommend readers to read Beating the Street together with One Up Wallstreet.

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6. 21 Dirty Tricks by Mike Phipps

21 Dirty Tricks by Mike Phipps is a book on office politics and tips on how to navigate these murky waters. Mike first presents the political situation and follow up by giving suggestions on how to overcome them. As in all situations, it pays to be self aware and think before you speak. 

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7. The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach is a book that shows readers how you can be richer than you are, if you know how to save and invest the money without making it feel like a chore. The methods showcased are “automatic” once you take the initial step because who has the discipline and time to actively manage their portfolio? 

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