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When I first launched Everyday Investing in You back in 2018, it was more of a personal space to collate what I have read or learnt along the way and share it online so that everyone has access to the information and we can all learn together. I believe that knowledge has to be shared -there is no point keeping it to yourself because I am pretty sure someone else might have a better idea and we can all discuss and improve on them. You can read more about me from my About and Work With Me page.

As much as I love to write for my readers, I can only work on my blog whenever I have pockets of time outside of my work commitments and personal development time.

Everyday Investing in You’s viewership has definitely grown and I will continue to write as frequent as I can.

The purpose of my message is to ask for your support to keep this website going. As you know by now, running a website costs money and I sincerely hope that you can consider giving to keep this website running. Your support will go a long way towards the upkeep and maintenance of this blog.

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If you have read this far, a big thank you to you! I am leaving the details on how you can contribute to Everyday Investing in You below. There is no obligation for you to contribute monetarily. You can always cancel at any time (for ongoing donations) at no penalty to you. On a side note, you can always help me out by sharing my articles or promoting Everyday Investing in You to your friends if you like this space.

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