Type of Interactive Broker Trading Platforms

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Interactive Broker (affiliate link)  provides their clients with multiple platforms to trade at their comfort. I have listed the platforms available and posted some of my findings as I navigate my way figuring out how to use their platforms. 
Please be sure to have sufficient funds in the currency you are trading in. If not, charges from your margin account applies.
What happens if I trade a product denominated in a currency which I do not hold in my account?

1. Quick Trade 
Interactive Brokers Quick Trade
Under “New Order” –> select (in my case) “Stock” –> input Symbol, Quantity and Price. 
Exchange is “SMART”
Submit Order. 
Interactive Brokers Quick Trade
Interactive Brokers Quick Trade
Interactive Brokers Quick Trade
2. Trader Workstation (TWS)
Interactive Brokers Traders Workstation TWS
SMART feed – data across all the exchanges 
DIRECTED feed – data for a specific exchange
– more on that in an upcoming post 
3. IBKR Mobile (App)
Interactive Brokers Mobile App
Self- explanatory. Personally, I feel that using the Mobile App is way easier than using Quick Trade or Trader Workstation. 
Interactive Brokers Mobile App
4. Trade button on main page

– purely to execute a trade, no analysis

Interactive Brokers Traders
Please note that subscription for Market Data Fee are as applicable, in order to see streaming live data. 
See below screenshot for example. 
Interactive Brokers Traders
For those market data that are not subscribed, data shown are delayed market data (15 to 20 mins delay).
For other sources that provide the market data, please refer to the Sources tab. 

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